Wireless LAN and WIFI

Wireless is now becoming a must for most organization as customers are getting used to it and will soon demand it everywhere. With Mobile & Tablets becoming so popular, customers are demanding free wireless acess everywhere they go now days. Smart Phones will outnumber PC’s in the next few years! Providing this now, still guarantees an edge as in the next few years most will be offering free wireless.

This is just one example, depending on your industry, your needs may be very different.


Coastal Computers will deploy a highly available integrated mesh network that enables secure mobility services, provides high-performance rich media collaboration, and improves overall operating efficiency through tight integration of your wired and wireless networks.

  • Voice and Video –  Create the dependability, performance, and security needed for sensitive Wi-Fi voice and video applications with a wireless LAN network design that meets high user expectations and quality of service requirements.
  • Guest Access –  Allow your guests, vendors, and partners to access the Internet while keeping your internal network secure and easy to manage with expert help deploying a solution that works transparently within your network infrastructure.
  • Outdoor Wireless –  Deploy a secure and cost-effective outdoor wireless solution with a design that transparently integrates voice, data and video applications with your existing network infrastructure and simplifies network management.
  • Cloud Controller –  The Open-Mesh Cloud Controller (Dashboard) is the hub of your network.  It is a cloud-based solution that gives you complete control of your network from a browser anywhere in the world.  Unlike other solutions, it is included free and you don’t have to purchase a local controller or manage each access point individually.
  • Adaptive Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems –  Protect your network from wireless threats, including denial-of-service attacks, rogue detection, and reconnaissance attacks, with a solution custom designed to optimize RF coverage and performance.

Optimization services increase employee productivity while reducing operational expenses and keeping business critical applications secure, available, and operational by providing ongoing assessments, recommendations, and knowledge transfer.

At Coastal Computers we are all about saving you money and always keeping your network secure.

Here are the steps we take to optimize your wireless network.

● Wireless LAN design review
● Wireless LAN design consultation
● Wireless LAN network assessment
● Wireless LAN operations risk management assessment
● Wireless LAN proactive software recommendation report
● Wireless LAN software security alert
● Wireless LAN change support
● Wireless LAN remote knowledge transfer session
● Wireless knowledge service


We do it all, from setting up Full blown Omni-Directional WiFi in different cities to a small network setup for your home. We are always here to help.

Set up, configure and secure your router; safeguard your personal information and secure your broadband signal from use by others

Installation and configuration of a networking adapter on computers/devices (PC, laptop, gaming console, network Blu‑ray/DVD player, network-enabled TV, etc.)

VoIP (voice over IP) setup

Secure your network

Enable devices to share the internet. (files, printers, cameras)

Configuration of internet, including ISP (internet service provider)

Repair network and internet connectivity

In-home installation of your wireless equipment